Monday, December 22, 2014

SEDP is Considered as ORGP after Routed to Reach

SEDP in output.hru is defined as `Mineral phosphorus attached to sediment that is transported by surface runoff into reach during time step.` in `SWAT Input Output Documentation Version 2012`

When you read this definition, you may assume that SEDP is added to MINP when it is routed to main reach (just like I did!).

However, this assumption is false.

SEDP is actually added to ORGP and reported in ORGP_IN and ORGP_OUT of output.rch.

On the other hand, ORGP in output.hru is `Organic P exported from HRU via subsurface flow (lateral+base flow) only`.

I will dig the code when I have time and provide the evidence for it when I have spare time.

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